"Making" Exhibition


Upon the suggestion of the dean, an initiative was implemented to foster familiarity with the work Professor Curry. As part of this endeavor, a public exhibition was meticulously conceived, fabricated, and installed at the main entrance of the school. The objectives of the exhibition were threefold: to acquaint the faculty, staff, and students with the individual's artistic endeavors and creative process, to encourage collaboration with students who were invited to contribute to the project, and to explore the logistical aspects of organizing an exhibition within the designated space.

The exhibition revolved around the overarching theme of "making," which prompted a serendipitous encounter with the Chinese character 造 during the design phase. This character, whose significance transcends the mere act of creation, embodies the essence of craftsmanship, intentionality, and the transformative power of bringing something into being. Embracing the profound symbolism of this character, it became a fitting representation of the artist's underlying vision.