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Design & fabrication for local communities.

St. Joseph Studio Workshop (SJSW) is incorporated as an independent community service organization in the State of New York and is listed in the Official Catholic Directory under the Diocese of Brooklyn.  SJSW is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit community-based design center that seeks to promote healthy, sustainable, and livable communities by providing high-quality design services and technical assistance for community service organizations working in ethnically diverse communities of need. We are architects, designers, and makers with a shared belief in the transformative power of good design and beauty in the built environment and a commitment to community service. SJSW engages in the full scope of design services, including housing, community centers, child-care, seniors, interior design, new construction, renovation, exhibitions, and installations.


Kun (Quin) Wu


Quin is an architect licensed in NY and a professor in the Interior Designer Department at FIT. His work has garnered significant recognition, including immersive exhibitions held in New York City and favorable reviews from esteemed publications like The New York Times, among many others. Quin holds a master's degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Mitch Dean

Interior Designer

With years of experience in the art and visual industry, Mitch has worked as an art director, creating captivating content styles. Mitch's project management background in local charter schools has sharpened his organizational skills and leadership abilities. Additionally, his passion for theatrical design, backed by his studies in Musical Theatre, allows him to bring a multidisciplinary approach to his work.

Yongtong (Winnie) Feng

Interior Designer

Winnie's journey encompasses both her pursuit of a bachelor's degree in interior design and her role as a mentor in an art studio, guiding young minds in the realms of drawing and painting. Her design philosophy thrives on infusing intricate details and innovative elements, all in the pursuit of crafting distinctive and personalized interior environments.

Angelica Bautista

Interior Designer

Angel brings extensive experience in managing businesses with a specific focus on developing and engaging with staff, building client relations, and monitoring operations. Currently a visual merchandiser, Angel has a keen eye for detail and a skill for product placement through creative execution. Angel is completing her BFA in interior design.

Hong Hua

Product Designer

Hong is a designer and creative technologist, also an adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design. With a background in industrial design, he specializes in crafting interactive experiences that seamlessly integrate software and hardware, virtual and physical elements. Holding degrees from Tsinghua University and Parsons, Hong brings a wealth of expertise to our team.

Ling Deng

Architectural Designer

Ling has worked in architecture companies in Chicago and accumulated considerable work experience and project management skills. Ling has a passion for the woodworking industry and the pursuit of handmade creations. He is pushing himself to improve his craftsmanship. You can see him in his spare time at the rock climbing gym in Brooklyn, and the street with his fancy clothes.

Andrew Robbins

Interior Designer


Ashley Patzelt

Interior Designer

Ashley is an admirer of how design not only enhances our perception of reality but also adds beauty and aesthetics to our everyday lives. Her love for the cultivation of experiences and how we are impacted by space has led to her pursuit of her bachelors degree in Interior Design. She also has a passion for pottery art and related business.

Narumon (June) Panthong

Interior Designer

Narumon is drawn to the idea of creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable. She had her first degree in Filmmaking back in Thailand before she moved to NYC in 2016 to pursue her dream in Interior Design. She is good with working with others and pay close attention to the little details

Valentina Rojas Cruzat

Interior Designer

Valentina is an artist and designer with a wide range of skills from hand drawing to technical theater to fashion styling. She has worked in the retail industry as a visual merchandiser and as well as building sets and props for a variety of musical productions. Valentina is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design at FIT.


Terrence M. Curry, PhD

‍Professor at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

Terrence has taught and practiced architecture as a means for social change throughout the USA, in Eastern Europe, and China.  Terrence is currently a professor and director of the Advanced Design and Fabrication Lab at Tsinghua University, Institute for Future Human Habitats, Shenzhen, China.

John T. Ferguson

Trustee of the Krane Shares Trust

John Ferguson has worked in the asset management industry for almost 30 years, managing multi-billion dollar and multi-product global businesses. He has been the president/chief operating officer of several hedge funds. He was a managing director at Deutsche Bank, lived in Estonia and ran a venture capital fund for a US-based not-for-profit, and practiced law in New York City. Currently, he is a Trustee of the Krane Shares Trust.

Fr. Timothy Kesicki, SJ

President of St. Ignatius HS

Tim is a Catholic priest and a member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Tim has been the President of St. Ignatius HS (Cleveland) Provincial of the Detroit, Chicago, and Midwest Provinces of the Jesuits and president of the Jesuit Conference of North America. He currently sits on the board of the Loyola University of Chicago and is actively engaged in a national restorative justice initiative.

Eric K. Daniels, RA

Professor at Fashion Institute of Techology

Eric is a licensed architect, full professor at SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and former Chairperson of the Interior Design Department, founding principal at EKDNYC, and board member at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. He is actively engaged in community service throughout his professional, academic, and personal life, and is committed to promoting racial, social, and economic justice.

Xuhui Zhang

Founder of AXPT

Xuhui is engaged in the dynamic fields of real estate development and architecture design. He serves as a Senior Vice-President at Hogwarts Capital, as well as a Partner/Vice President of Development and Design at Junzi. Additionally, Xuhui is a founding partner at AXPT Inc., further showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. Xuhui plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing strategic initiatives in these industries.


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